Blacksmithing Club

General Information

Chain Bridge Forge is a non for profit organisation dedicated to educating and preserving the art and craft of blacksmithing.

Recently we started a Blacksmith club which meets once a month we welcome anyone interested in blacksmithing, from beginners to professionals.

We are a diverse group of men and women whose common interest is a passion for metal and fashioning it.

The Forge is an authentic late 1700 Forge and makes its tools and hearths available for all to use.

We charge an administration fee and the cost of consumables at each meeting.

For special events we engage our Blacksmith Ryan Atkin to conduct a masterclass.

The Forge is run by “The Friends of Chain Bridge” (CBF).

The Forge dates back to the mid 1700’s and retains many originally features, equipment and tools.

CBF was formed in 2011 to conserve and protect the Forge.

The aims of CBF is preserve this unique building through taking on commissions and through practical, interactive experiences.

About the Blacksmithing Club

To further these objectives we have established a Blacksmithing Club which gives private access to the Forge.

We hope this will appeal to those who have some Blacksmithing experience or are complete beginners but have a desire to learn the art of Blacksmithing with the support others in this process.

These meetings will be held at Chain Bridge Forge or other suitable location and the meeting dates can be found on the EVENTS page


Insurance requirements dictate that members are 13 years old and older.

Parents of children under the age of 16 are also required to join Blacksmith Club and attend meetings to support their children.

  1. Be able to Blacksmith at a historic forge under the supervision at CBF
  2. Attend demonstration days and club events. Each activity will be costed separately.
  3. Work together on club projects
  4. Access knowledge from other Blacksmiths to help in your projects
  5. Regular updates on club projects and activities
  6. 10% reduction in CBF training days

Club days at CBF will be limited 15 people due to the physical space at the Forge.

The club will develop it own steering committee which will further the clubs objectives.

CBF club dues are £20 per year and payment for overheads including insurance, materials and fuel
for each day you attend.

Before joining Chain Bridge Forge Blacksmithing Club you will need to sign a waiver included on the membership form which you can download here.

The waiver reads:

Blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity for which CBF has conducted a Risk Assessment to minimise these risks.

The Forge provides safety equipment but you may wish to bring your own at your own risk.

The Forge has old equipment which by todays health and safety provisions would fail, if you want to use this equipment you will be shown how to use the equipment safely at your own risk.

CBF, its officers, demonstrators and members specifically disclaim responsibility or liability for any damages, injuries, or destruction of property as a result of any information published or demonstrated at club events. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and safety of information provided but use thereof is solely at the users own risk.

Equipment belonging to Chain Bridge Forge must not be removed without permission.
By requesting or renewing membership you are stating that you agree with this release.