COVID 19 Handbook

“The Friends of Chain Bridge Forge (CBF)” will meet their obligations to ensure the safety of its Partners , Volunteers and Visitors.

CBF is aware of policy and procedures in this area, including that issued by the Government. This document sets out the steps CBF have taken to comply with our obligations and to made it available to all concerned.

We will monitor the effectiveness of the risk mitigation measures to ensure they are effective and institute corrective action if needed.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

All perceived risks have been assessed and included in our risk assessment.

Summary of Requirements

  • Follow the latest Government advice.
  • Social distancing measures,
  • PPE will be available in the Forge
  • Provide information to volunteers, partners and visitors on how CBF are meeting the requirements.
  • Listen to all volunteers and visitors concerns and act upon them where appropriate.
  • Keep records.

Summary of Mitigation

  • Distance temperature monitoring
  • PPE Available
  • Place tape on the floor indicating 2m separation
  • Make sure all visitors and volunteers are aware of the pinch-points such as toilets, coffee machine and restricted areas in front of the hearth.
  • Ask visitors and volunteers to be mindful of others and only walk when it’s safe to do so.
  • Always alert others if there is a potential conflict.
  • Ask visitors to always raise concerns.

Visitor and volunteers Management

  • To reduce the risk of cross contamination only people needing to be in the Forge will be there.
  • We will ask only if people in good health to attend and recommend that people in high risk categories to delay their visit until it’s safe to do so.
  • Track and Trace

Taster – Contact details are maintained by the booking system

Customers – Leave contact details

Volunteers – Minimal visits to the Forge and only visit when needed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • The forge will provide appropriate PPE and Blacksmithing protective clothing.
    • Blacksmithing
      • Leather apron
      • Safety glasses
      • Leather gloves
    • PPE
      • Latex gloves
      • 3ply face mask
    • General
      • Hand sanitizers
      • Hand towels
      • Black bin liners for disposal of waste
      • Soap
      • Signage to promote good washing

The above will be married with our existing health and safety provisions.