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Why Visit Chain Bridge Forge?

Experience something, different! Learn something new at Chain Bridge Forge.

Just a short walk from the Spalding market town, a town amongst the heart of agricultural Britain, imagine being able to learn a skilful art form taught by our proficient Blacksmiths here at Chain Bridge Forge.

We are available for bespoke commissions such as staircases, gates and railings. We also offer artisan blacksmithing workshops, and we are one of the very few areas where you can have this exclusive experience.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to the experience days, we have taster sessions for both men and women and even children. At Chain Bridge Forge we think it’s so important to get your children involved in a new expressive and skilful art to educate them of the history behind the forge.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or want to book a group experience, each bespoke course offers a hands-on experience in the heat of metal artwork and forging. All courses here at Chain Bridge Forge provide traditional Blacksmith techniques whilst being a fun and enjoyable experience for all… what more could you ask for!



If you have a common interest in Blacksmithing and metalwork, strike whilst the iron is hot and get in touch and support others in this process! Contact us HERE.